Friday, 4 April 2014

It Can Hurt to Lose Your Personal Indie Thing

I'm happy about the Facebook acquisition of Oculus, but I understand why someone would not be because I've been through this before.

I'm from Vancouver, and we have a decent indie music scene.  In the late nineties I found a band on the radio that had submitted a song to a city wide battle-of-the-bands.  I thought they were great. When they released their first couple studio albums to the local market I played their music to my friends on the east coast and told them how this band was going to be huge!  At the time they were playing humble tunes from their experiences growing up.  Their songs were deeply personal and you could really get a feel for who the band was.  You could even get a sense of kinship with the members of the band.

Then the band got big, and lost their human touch.  The band in question here was Nickelback.  I can already hear you groaning through the internet.  Most of you know how the rest of the story goes.

This is where some of the backlash against Facebook is coming from.  We used to all feel that we were part of something personal and home-grown and now we don't.

I'm psyched for Oculus.  I'm happy to be working in an industry that has so much more reach today than it did a month ago.

Hopefully Palmer won't start writing music about strippers.

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